What I learnt this week: 15th March 2018

What’s in a title?

For some authors (for me it’s Nora Roberts, Jilly Cooper, Suzanne Brockmann and more recently Samantha Young and Christina Lauren), I don’t care about the title, the cover or the blurb. The author name alone will have me buying the book.  But I can read far more books than they can write, plus I love to find new authors – how else can I add to my favourites list if I don’t try them? When I’m choosing a book I’m like the kid in the candy store. All those sweets, I don’t know which to pick first. Much like the lemon bon bon, or the pear drop (am I showing my age?!), it’s the name, or when it comes to books the title, that first catches my eye – and my imagination. It doesn’t decide whether I want to buy the book or not, but it does make me stick my hand in the candy jar and take a look at what’s there. If the cover appeals, then I then read the blurb. If I’m hooked by that, I’m a click away from having the book on my Kindle.

And my hand is very expert at making that click.

Of course back in the day I’d have to go to a shop, put my hand in my purse and hand over hard cash to buy a book. Now I can buy one while I’m supposed to be working (shh, don’t tell on me). And as it’s not real money (come on, I’m only clicking a button) I can buy a lot of them very easily (shh, don’t tell the husband).

All this brings me to the actual point of this post – yes, I know, I should come to it sooner, but I’m a writer. I can’t blurt the ending out up front. I need to lead you through thousands of words, first.

Sorry, we were talking about the point of the post. The title of my next book, set in a biscuit company and to be published as an ebook around end of May/early June, is going to be:

Biscuit photo

As to whether the cover will feature any crumbs, or indeed any biscuits….well, luckily the creative people at Choc Lit will be designing it, not me.

Emoji smiling blushing

  • disqus_3smygDiajk

    Hi Kathryn, I have to confess designing my cover is almost as enjoyable as the writing journey. All my books (with the exception of one) have been named after song titles and feature one of the characters on the cover. However, with my next book I’m planning to do something completely different.

    Your title is very intriguing and will probably get everyone talking. Looking forward to reading later on in the year. x

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Thank you so much for dropping by and I’m delighted you like the title. I find thinking of a title really difficult – much harder than writing the book! But in this case, because it is set in a biscuit factory, for once it came easily. I had Crumbs, but Choc Lit put the Oh next to it which sounds much better. I love your idea of naming your books after song titles, mind you. Very eye catching :-)

  • That’s made me laugh as my little granddaughter has a horror of ‘crumps’ as she calls them, she hasn’t quite worked out that they’re fallout from her toast and not something to be rejected! I know better so I am very much looking forwards to ‘Oh Crumbs!’