What I learnt this week: 1st March 201

Writing through the Beast from the East 

It was forecast – and it arrived.

First there was the cold, then the snow flurries (view from my study window).


But mainly, where I live, the cold. You don’t realise how drafty your house is, until it’s minus degrees outside. Now I know why people buy those long sausage shaped draft excluders. I ordered several yesterday, but until they arrive (no doubt when the temperature is back up) all those cushions I insist on buying and my family hate? They don’t think they’re such a bad idea any more. Ditto the throws…

Version 2

Still, perfect weather for writing a Christmas book, so I’m cracking on with it. Up to 52,000 words now and it’s Christmas Eve. Clarissa the budgie has been causing havoc, a tree has been decorated, and Gabby and Owen – oh no, I’m not falling into that trap. Suffice to say I’m really enjoying writing their story.

Of course writing is a sedentary process, and sitting for hours on end when it’s freezing outside and your house is old can get very cold. Which is why these are a great investment. That long worm like hottie? Absolutely brilliant for keeping the whole back warm and toastie. The penguin hottie? Pretty useless – too small so only lasts a short time – but looking at it makes me smile.


Finally, after a day of writing, this is the way we keep warm in our draft filled house at the moment.


And yes, those are Christmas lights but I decided they looked so pretty they were going to stay. Ditto the thing that looks like an illuminated juice extractor…

Finally, because I wanted to photograph it like this all December and failed, here is my Christmas paperback, in the snow 🙂


But now I have the photograph, the Beast from the East is welcome to disappear. And the Heat from the South make an appearance.