What I learnt this week: 3rd March 2016

Wow – March already. Spring has sprung … though actually there wasn’t a lot of springing, more of a soggy limp. The primroses didn’t mind the rain, though they objected strongly to the hail the following day.


But I’m not here to talk about the weather. While I’m still in full on edit mode for The Next Book (sorry I am going to be talking about that quite a lot over the next month or so) I thought I’d leave you with the link for the Choc Lit round robin Mother’s Day story, here.


Five authors took part, each writing around 700 words. We took it in turns to write a section, with me bringing up the rear with part 5, which will appear on the website on Sunday. It was a little nerve wracking because there is no agreed structure. The first writer sets it off and sends it to the next, each taking the story where they think it should go.  As the final author, I was left wondering how on earth I was going to knit it all together.

I shouldn’t have worried, the authors before me had left enough clever hooks that my job was easy in the end. Writing is a solitary job so I really enjoyed this chance to work with colleagues for a change – and write a storyline I would never have thought of. As you can see from part one, our first author (Berni Stevens, who also designs our amazing book covers!) immediately pushed us into an area most of us knew nothing about. Hasty research was done on cats, pregnancy, births and microchips!

I hope you enjoy it. To all mother’s out there, including my own (and Mum 2) I hope you have a fabulous day on Sunday. Sadly my poor mum will have to endure my cooking. I’m waiting for the day I will have to endure my own children’s cooking – though looking at my teenage boys I think I’m in for a long wait.



  • Chick Lit Chick

    Cat research? I just made it up… your professionalism does you credit. It was a cracking ending – can’t wait for it to go up on the site. xx

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Hello there Sarah – thank you for dropping by. Loved writing the story with you all – hope we get a chance to do it again (though maybe without the cats?!) xx

  • caldwell456367

    Thank you so much for your better learning in march and i hope it should be inspired for the others people. They should be find more tips and suggestion from you those makes their life so interesting.