What I learnt this week: not everyone enjoys walking

We were lucky enough to be by the sea on the best day we’ve had in the UK so far this year. As I took in the glorious blue sky and the bright sun, I smiled to myself. A perfect day for a walk.

But apparently not everyone feels that way. More specifically, teenage boys don’t feel that way.

As we strolled off on our 7 mile walk around the shores of Bosham, the dialogue went something like this.

‘Just look at the sea. Isn’t it beautiful?’

‘My legs ache.’

‘Fill your lungs with that wonderful fresh air.’

‘When are we stopping for lunch?’

‘What a pretty scene. So typically English. It’s like a postcard.’

‘How much further do we have to walk?’

Bosham villageBosham ducksBosham inlet

As you can see from these photos, the scenery did us proud and I found it really hard to understand why my sons couldn’t see what I did. But then I remembered me as a child. I hated walking. In fact I can recall crying all the way along the Long Walk one memorable Boxing Day (here it is, looking down on Windsor Castle on Christmas Day 2014 – when I enjoyed walking it!).

Long Walk

So my question is, when do the walking genes click in? I’m hoping it isn’t a sign of middle age, but rather a sign of a mature, wise person who appreciates the value of nature and exercise. And the fact that walking is free.





  • carol hedges

    agreed, Walking is also the best remedy for depression …seratonin kicks in and raises your mood.As a new gran, it’s also brilliant for keeping the joints supple. I now walk MILES pushing a buggy trying to get Little G to sleep!

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Oh yes, I remember those days pushing a buggy to get a crying baby to sleep!! And you’ve walked so far that by the time you’ve got back home, they’ve woken up again! Thanks for dropping by Carol – and I wish you many happy walks with Little G :-)

  • Sally Malcolm

    I love to walk! I walk everywhere, if I can. But I share your pain re the teenagers. Trying to drag either of my two away from their computers and into the fresh air is an almost impossible task that usually requires bribery and/or threats to disconnect the internet!

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Ditto! So glad it’s not just mine. Must be an age thing (but of course walking keeps us young!). Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.