What I learnt this week: Search for Truth

I’m thrilled to say my fourth book – and my third with Choc Lit – goes live for pre-order on Amazon today. Just in case you want to make sure  it goes onto your Kindle on 13th August, here is the link

And here, thanks to Choc Lit and the amazing Berni Stevens, is the cover:

SEARCH FOR TRUTH_front150dpi

I’m excited about this one – but also a bit nervous. It’s a romance set in the industry I spent over twenty years of my life working in: the pharmaceutical industry. I loved it. I was proud to work in an industry that improves the health of so many people. An industry that saves lives, though it’s sometimes given a hard time. Certainly my heroine, Tess, isn’t a great fan. In fact, when she joins it – not for the career challenge, but for a very personal reason – she feels she’s joining The Dark Side. When she meets Jim Knight, the head of research and development, she experiences the dark side in a different way. Yes, he is tall, dark and handsome. He’s also dynamic, determined – and has a deadly smile.

So why am I nervous ? Well actually I’m always nervous at the launch of a new book – will people like it? – but for this one there is an extra butterfly or two. I based it in the pharma industry because I thought it made sense to write about something I knew for a change. Now it’s about to go live though, I realise many of those amazing colleagues I worked with might actually get round to reading it. And when they do, they’ll not only be checking the detail. They’ll be wondering where my characters came from.

Worry not, they are all from my imagination. I tell you, if I’d come across a man like Jim Knight, I’d have known about it. And if I’d met Tess, I like to think we’d still be meeting for drinks, discussing our shoe collection (she’s obsessed!).

Now I just need to persuade those butterflies to calm down a bit.



  • Hallo, Hallo Ms Freeman!

    Caught sight of your tweets in regards to your new release #SearchForTheTruth! :) Must admit, I fell a bit behind on the releases for Choclit whilst vexed with all the lightning storms this month! July sort of felt clipped at the wings due to all the tech/electrical angst but when I caught your tweets, I had to jump over and check out your post! :)

    I definitely understand your hesitation about writing about the pharma industry! I have a dear friend who works in the field and she’s learnt quite a heap that surprised both of us. I think sometimes that is what makes a bold choice for a contemporary story; to anchour it inside a field everyone might have their own bias thoughts heading into the story and then, whilst reading your characters’ lives the reader might start to see a different side of an industry that is more than a wee bit controversial half the time!

    Read the full synopsis and truly love the heart of the story is about effectively righting a wrong and finding love at a time where your priorities might not dictate time for your personal life to flourish. I definitely itch to see this release in either print or audio! I’ve added it to my ChocLit Next Reads List on Riffle and marked it as being ‘want to read’ as well! Wicked happy I caught your tweeting!

    On the level of worriment over what people think: even as a book blogger, oft-times I might not find a comment tucked under a review or a post; which lends it curious, did what I write translate to the reader as I had hoped it would? Sometimes uncertainty helps you strive to be on your toes and do the best you can do. Other times it becomes a flutter of anxiety you cannot shift. Best way forward? If you believe in your own voice and the words which come to you to give out to the world – then all well be alright in the end.

    *ps: Ms Stevens creates the best book covers, I think! Never fails to surprise me how she nails the ambiance of the novels she’s designing on behalf of!

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Welcome Jorie – so lovely to see you here, and thank you so much for your kind comments. You have it exactly right. When writing this book I not only wanted my readers to be entertained and tugged at emotionally. I wanted them to see the pharma industry as I had seen it. I hope all that comes through. I also love your comment re: believing in our own voices. Again, you are so right. We have to trust in ourselves. Finally – Berni Stevens. I’ve loved each of the covers she’s created for me, and this one definitely nails the story :-)

      • Hallo, Ms Freeman!

        Thanks for the warm welcome! :) I’ve missed visiting blogs and I’m starting to ease back into the groove of frequently making my rounds once again! Nice I can use Twitter to sign my comments here!* I truly think that’s the mark of a story-teller who has something to say that needs to be heard – to attempt to change public opinion whilst educating John Q Public at the same time is quite smashing! Definitely marked it down to be read as it releases in new formats; I have such wicked expectations of future readings on my ChocLit Next Reads List; each novel on that list has become quite dear to me because I love the breadth of what you guys are writing and publishing.

        Dear me – lightning, again? I could use a ‘holiday!’ from the storms this year, and it’s still July! lol

        The hardest part is trusting ourselves and owning our writing even if we are unsure how it’s translating to readers. In the end, if we can remind ourselves how much joy we have in what we’re creating and the joy we have in giving a piece of our hearts through what we’re doing, it does work out. I definitely understood where you were coming from though!

        Ooh my yes! Berni Stevens is a true gift and champion to writers AND their readers! :)

        *This is why I left the comments on my blog to be able to be signed by Twitter, etc. It makes it easier. Nice job! :)

        • Kathryn Freeman

          Jorie, you are welcome here any time :-). And yes, the joy for us is in the creation. I’m always so happy to have a day where I can just write. I hope that lightening stops for you soon. Here today we have had typical British drizzle!

  • Chris Stovell

    Brilliant! Many congratulations – now I don’t need to search for the truth here – it’s obvious that your latest Choc Lit release will fly!

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Hah – very good running lady/ glamorous granny / author of heart warming romance. You clearly have a way with words. Thank you for those kind ones xx