What I learnt this week: Thursday 16th April

I finished my first round of edits on Search for Truth – my fourth book, due out hopefully at the end of next month. My first featured a barrister, my second a doctor in a refugee camp; the idea for this was born from a desire to write about something I knew about for a change. No, not romance (I still don’t know much about that) but the pharmaceutical industry. Following the advice of my very astute editor one of my major edits was to add a prologue so the reader can immediately understand what motivates my heroine to do what she’s about to do (hah – that’s the part where I add a drum roll). I also gave my hero and heroine some time in Rome – how kind am I? It’s a business trip, but as Search for Truth is still very much a romance I had to let them have some fun. They sampled gelato by the Trevi fountain, but thankfully it didn’t look like it did when I visited last October. Throwing a coin into an empty fountain just didn’t cut it.

Gelato Rome Trevi with scaffolding

On other book news, I’ve just reviewed the typeset manuscript for Too Charming. It’s coming out in paperback in June and I can’t wait to see it. Having a book published at all is an incredible feeling, but to hold your paperback in your hand … it’s almost as amazing as holding your newborn. And a lot less exhausting.

TC_NEW front 150dpi

And in other news …

My eldest son is learning to drive and we now have a lovely mini with L plates on. I’m coming to realise that whilst to him the L means learner driver, to other road users it means License to overtake, cut me up and generally drive like a lunatic near me.


I planted petunias and pansies in my hanging baskets and pots last weekend. I’m worried that my gardening genes haven’t switched on yet because I don’t do this task out of love, but a desire to see pretty pink flowers when I’m drinking my rose in the sun. Though I do talk to them when I shove them in the soil, its only to say ‘don’t die you bugger.’ Maybe, despite all other signs to the contrary, my genes aren’t old enough yet?

Flowers on patio

  • Chris Stovell

    Many congratulations on the book news. Looking forwards to reading the new one. L-plates… eeeek! I’m glad that bit’s over for me! And I share the lack of gardening genes; Ma and my sister have show gardens, I have a wild beast!

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Thank you Chris – lovely to hear from you. And re gardens, I think possibly it’s like cooking. There are those who can create, and then those like me who just enjoy the creations of others. Good luck with taming the beast!

  • Clare Chase

    Love the sound of the new book, Kate! Elder DD has just got
    her provisional driving licence through, too. Seeing your picture makes me feel
    nostalgic. My first car was a Mini, and I still think they’re the best!

    • Kathryn Freeman

      Thanks Clare – I can’t wait to see what Berni conjures up for a cover. Mini’s are great, aren’t they. We bought this not just for the boys to learn to drive, but so we could enjoy it too. Good luck with sitting next to your daughter – it’s definitely a weird experience, but think forward to her picking you up from the pub – we are!

  • Truth searching!! really interesting and the more pretty for the whole world that you are editing and trying to let to know the truth. the light of truth is more better than lie it is universal truth. So the editors would be to proud for taking this kind of challenge ..