New Year – New Blog

I’ve resisted so far.  What is a blog, anyway?  And what on earth can I possibly write on it that would be interesting enough for people to read?  I’m having enough trouble getting my head round the thought of people reading my books, but my blog?  Really?

Yet I can’t help but think nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If I don’t at least try, how can I dismiss the idea?

Plus I’m not a total blog virgin.  I have managed to string some words together on other blogs:

Choc Lit blog, where I pondered if a man can ever be Too Charming

Romaniac HQ where I made an arresting post

Long and Short reviews where I considered 10 things I’d learnt since becoming an author

I’ve even been interviewed, by Coffee Time Romance

So there’s no reason why I can’t think of anything to say on my own blog, is there?

All we can do is wait and see…



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