Five things I learnt this week


They say you learn something new every day.  So what have I learnt this week?


1)   What have I learned and what have I learnt are equally correct.  Learnt tends to be used more in the UK and learned in the US.  Yes, I did have to check this before I wrote my title.  Having a spelling error in the title of my first blog didn’t seem like a great way to start.

2)   Sometimes technology is a good thing.  Using to schedule a night out with the girls is less tortuous than throwing dates out through email.  Next I’m looking for an app that tells me what to choose on the menu, so I don’t end up wistfully gawping at everyone else’s meal.

3)   There is a reason why the lady who sold me my snazzy waterproof leather wellies advised me to buy some dubbing.  Half an hour after sloshing through the floods in our village, they started to leak.  The image of a kayak on our cricket green was surreal.

Cricket underwater small

4)   My sons will sit through a romantic comedy – but only once a year, on my birthday.  Sadly another 51 weeks before the next one.

5)   Camels have a beauty contest – yes, really.  Judges are impressed by long necks and big humps.


Forgive me, I’m a beginner to all this blogging.  At first I wasn’t sure whether to have a blog, then I wasn’t sure what to write on one.  I’m still not, so if there is anything you’d be interested to see, I’d love to hear from you.  Otherwise, I  hope to share more learnings with you this time next week.  Oh, and on the 3rd February I’ll be taking part in the My Writing Process blog tour, talking about, you’ve guessed it, my writing process.  See you then 🙂




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