Was it good for you?

I hope it will be!

Was it good for you? Is the title of my next book, inspired by… spreadsheets. Okay, they aren’t something I’m especially fond of, though they definitely have their uses. I use them to keep a record of my accounts, but maybe if I was better at setting them up, I might be more inclined to use them more. Whether I would ever use them to extent Sophie does though, I’m not sure…

Here’s the blurb:

If you’re not a ten on Sophie’s spreadsheet, you’re never getting her between the bedsheets…

No aspect of Sophie’s life goes unrecorded in her Excel spreadsheets, so when she accidentally sends it to her entire contact list instead of just her best friend, Sophie has a lot of uncomfortable explaining to do.

First on the list? Dr Michael Adams. After a disastrous first date, Michael scored a ‘3’ on Sophie’s ‘love life’ tab, but when she shows up to apologise for sharing his result with the world, he issues an unexpected challenge: ten dates to prove that love can’t be calculated by an equation or contained by boxes on a spreadsheet.

Sophie isn’t someone who’s used to thinking outside the digital box, but there’s something about Michael that makes her want to take a chance…

It’s available for pre-order here and out on 31st July.

I hope, even if you don’t love spreadsheets, you will love Sophie and Michael’s story. And who knows, maybe after reading it, you’ll find a new use for them 🙂


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