What I learnt this week: 13th April 2017

A fortnight of edits (with a little break)

In the two weeks since I last updated this blog I’ve been mainly immersed in edits. The book I’m working on – temporary title Too Nice? – will hopefully find its way onto the ebook platforms in August. That’s if I keep to my editing schedule, and so far I’m on track.

Too Nice is a book I first wrote back in 2011. At the time it was called Coming Home, and I sent it to be professionally critiqued. Of the many (make that many, many) comments I received back, one was that the hero, Nick Templeton, was too nice. Feeling considerably bruised and battered by the critique (which in hindsight was excellent and worth every penny) I shoved the (pages and pages) of feedback into a drawer and got on with writing the next book. That turned out to be this one…

TC_NEW front 150dpi

It was two years (and a publishing contract with Choc Lit) later before I dived into the manuscript again, this time seeing the comments for what they were. Not a savage commentary on my writing skills but a thoughtful, carefully worded appraisal of how I could improve the book. I re-worked it, taking most of the ideas on board, renamed it Too Nice? and submitted to Choc Lit.

Nick Templeton is a nice man – I’ve not changed him too much, but given this quiet, reserved accountant a bit more backbone. He needs this to stand up to the woman he’s loved for most of his life. When he first fell for her she was simply his best friend’s younger sister. Now Lizzie Donavue is a stunning supermodel who seems to have it all. A glittering career, a glamorous lifestyle in LA and a parade of handsome boyfriends. But then it all goes horribly wrong…

I loved the idea of an accountant and a supermodel. I hope you will, too 🙂

I did have a little break from the editing – an incredibly well timed trip to the Cotswolds last weekend, when it happened to be wall to wall sunshine. In my very biased opinion there is no finer place in the world than England, when the sun is out. When it’s raining, I’ll be happy to get on a plane to anywhere.

Morning view from our rental place
Morning view from our rental place
Before we went on a bike ride. After it, I wasn't smiling quite so much...
Before we went on a bike ride. After it, I wasn’t smiling quite so much…

Finally, a quick update on The Christmas Book (aka The Christmas Hotel). I did do a little bit of writing in the sunshine. It’s now up to 21,800 words. Hopefully I’ll have my edits finished by the end of this week, and back into the swing of mince pies and mistletoe next week. After a small break to eat a few Easter eggs…





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