What I learnt this week: 13th December 2018

A catch up with Nip and Tuck

For those of you who’ve read A Little Christmas Faith, out now in paperback, you’ll remember Nip and Tuck, the pair of scallywags that Faith took in from the local animal rescue shelter. Ridiculously cute but impossible to train.

They were inspired by this pair of equally cute scallywags – Ted and Oscar – who are owned by friends of ours.

Last Sunday we met up with our friends for a walk in Windsor Park. It was a beautiful day, but a little bit nippy, so the dogs donned their coats. Obviously.

Look at those little faces. It was no wonder I had to make them canine stars of one of my books. And what better than a Christmas book, because they seem to convey all that is good about the season. Cuddly, delicious, mischievous. A time of the year you’re allowed, for a few days, to be lazy and just that little bit naughty.

I loved them so much, I snuck them into my latest Christmas book, A Little Christmas Charm. It’s a cameo appearance, but they didn’t seem to mind. I think they thought the Charm in the title was all about them.

I didn’t like to tell them that actually, it’s my hero, Owen Cooper, who’s the charmer. And that the non-human star of this book is a budgie!


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