What I learnt this week: 14th June 2018

A greedy second celebration 

Last week I celebrated paperback publication of Too Damn Nice.


This week I celebrated the publication of my latest ebook, Oh Crumbs.


As it’s set in the Crumbs biscuit company, there seemed to be no better way to mark the occasion than having a biscuit…or two. Followed, of course, by a drink…or two.

EAting a biscuitchampagne-2711895__340

I think that’s me done for the publication celebrations for a while. However I am excited to say I’ve signed a contract for my next book…A Little Christmas Charm, which will hopefully come out in October. It’s the one I’ve been blogging about (and perhaps banging on about) earlier in the year, only then it was called An Unexpected Christmas. As we see a cameo appearance from some of the stars of my previous Christmas book, A Little Christmas Faith (they insisted, how could I say no?) my publisher made the very clever decision to change my clumsy title into something far more appealing.

ALCF cover and dogs

Actually, thinking about it, I think this might be cause for another celebration…




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