What I learnt this week: 17th March 2016

I had a surprise package in the post today. Here it is:

DOA Turkish

In case you don’t recognise it, I’ll give you a clue. It is also known as this:

DOA_hiresfront copy

Yes, Do Opposites Attract has been translated into Turkish. It’s so funny to look through the book and realise the only words I recognise are my characters names, Mitch, Brianna – and my own. How thrilling too, though, to see this book take on a whole new glamorous look, for a whole new market.

When I started writing my dream was simple – to have my name on the cover of a book. Now I see the world of publishing is far from simple but how wonderful to have it not just on a book, but on an audio book, a large print book, a translated book.

DOA all forms

Fear not, there is no chance of me going for world domination. I’m happy staying in my tiny corner of the UK. Though to be honest, I’d be even happier moving into a slightly larger space!

Next time I hope to bring you news of when Aiden Foster, my racing car hero, is due to burst onto Amazon. I’ve finished it from my end. Now it’s all down to my publisher to proof read, produce the cover – and set it ready for Kindle.

Exciting times. At least for me 🙂


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