What I learnt this week: 2 July 2015

Sometimes you have to experience failure to fully appreciate success

My eldest son passed his driving test this week. He went to the test centre with his instructor, so the first I knew how he’d done was when he arrived home. The delight on his face when I opened the door to him will stay with me forever.

It’s a key moment in life, passing the test, gaining your independence. I can remember my own experience so vividly (and yes, okay, it was rather a long time ago now). But I wonder if those who pass first time appreciate their success as much as those who pass second (like my son) or third (like me).

Mini P plate

When success comes easily, it surely doesn’t feel as momentous as when you have to fight for it? It made me think of my writing journey. Had I received a book contract on my first submission to a publisher, would I have felt so utterly thrilled as I did after my … I confess, I forget how many attempts. When I read that first story though, I can’t say I’m surprised I didn’t get anywhere with it.

But for both me and my son, this is only the start of our journey. We’ll both get better the more we travel down it. We’ll come across obstacles (cyclists, horse and cart, bad reviews, crisis of confidence) but navigating round them will simply make us better at our respective crafts.

Onwards and upwards. I’m just glad I don’t have to have a P plate on the front of my books …


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