What I learnt this week: 20th July 2017

Little brown boxes…

There used to be a time when a parcel in the post was met with a squeal of excitement. It would be a birthday present, perhaps. Or that special item you’d ordered from a shop that wasn’t on the high street, and had been waiting weeks for.

Then came the arrival of Amazon Prime.

Now, the little brown boxes arrive with alarming frequency (I blame my husband – I swear he’s addicted to ordering things on-line). Sometimes as often as once a day. Do I squeal with excitement? No I flipping don’t. I’m more likely to curse, because when I open the door to find a little brown Amazon box sitting on the doorstep – the delivery guy has already scarpered – I’ve climbed down two flights of stairs and halted the flow of my latest literary masterpiece. Umm, so that’s why I’m not on those bestselling charts. It’s the arrival of too many damn Amazon boxes.

But what about what’s in the boxes, I hear you ask. Surely the contents must be interesting? Here’s what was in the last 3 Amazon boxes I answered the door to:



But then yesterday a miracle happened. The doorbell rang (as usual). I sighed (as usual), stopped what I was writing (as usual) and scurried down the stairs (because you never know, it might not be an Amazon delivery. It could be a proper visitor). Yet again there was a box left on the doorstep. But this time, it was addressed to me. And this time, I did squeal, because this is what I found when I opened it.

IMG_1433IMG_1429 IMG_1431

It’s my fourth paperback, but seeing it for the first time, touching it, smelling it (come on, the smell of a new book – they should bottle it). It all feels as exciting as the first.


And finally, because no post that features Before You should end without a mention of the inspiration behind it, I leave you with me and JB, sharing a special moment in my study…

Me and BY close up study





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