What I learnt this week: 29th May 2014

  • My book has made it into paperback! I haven’t seen a copy myself yet (it’s not out until July) but the publisher, Choc Lit, posted a photo of it alongside that of my fellow Mrs July, Christine Stovell. And no, we won’t be doing a calendar together – Christine gave us that name and it’s stuck. Don’t the books look pretty together? I reckon that’s this summer’s reading all sorted. What a shame I’ve already read one of them…to death.

Book covers for July

  • You can never find what you want in the garage, until you clear it out. We found seven pairs of gardening gloves and five pairs of secateurs lurking at the back of ours last weekend. But only after we’d filled a skip with the junk that somehow manages to accumulate in garages when you’re not looking. The times I’ve looked for these flipping things and not been able to find them…resorting to buying yet another pair. Still, now the garage is so tidy we could have a party in it. Better do it quickly though, because by next month it will be mysteriously full again.
  • When it comes to cooking, it’s all about the presentation. Along with many of my Choc Lit friends, we’re busily writing a short story for a summer anthology with a theme of cupcakes. Because I didn’t want to poison anyone who might be daft enough to try the recipe I’ve cobbled together from different sources, I had a go at making them last weekend. The results from my family were as follows:

Husband: ‘It’s okay – it didn’t kill me.’

Youngest son: ‘Looks crap but I guess it’s edible.’

Eldest son: ‘No way am I eating that.’

Now I grant you my idea of adding the purple food dye to the red dye, when the mixture was a yellow colour to begin with didn’t work out as I’d hoped, but still, it doesn’t look that bad. Does it?

cupcake 2Marshmallow cup cake

Next week (Friday) I’ll be doing a My Main Character Blog, where I tell you a little bit more about the hero from Do Opposites Attract? – Mitch McBride.

Hope to see you then.








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