What I learnt this week: 30th November 2017

Christmas really is coming

I know, I know, I seem to have been banging on about Christmas for most of the year. First I told you about writing a Christmas book (back in Easter), then A Little Christmas Faith was published (October) and finally A Second Christmas Wish was out in paperback earlier this month (as recommended by reindeers…).


Well at the weekend I went for a stroll around Dorney Lake. Used as a rowing/kayaking venue in the 2012 Olympics (below some photos from the day we were lucky enough to attend), it’s owned by Eton College and is a beautiful setting on a sunny day.

DSC06995 DSC06998

On Sunday it wasn’t quite as hot as it was in the summer of 2012, but the sun was out and the lake looked just as stunning. Instead of rowers though, we came across…Santa. To be more exact, a whole bunch of Santas. Maybe I should say a whole stocking full of Santas? A sack of Santas? Whatever you want to call them, they were quite a sight running round the lake.

Santa dash dorneyIMG_1738IMG_1733

I thought Santa was getting in training for Christmas, but it turns out they weren’t real Santas, just a group of good people taking part in a sponsored Santa dash. In some ways I’m relieved, because Santa without his pot belly is like, well, Christmas without turkey. In my case, Christmas without a very dry, completely overcooked turkey…




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