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We all know exercise is good for us, although the older I get the more my husband asks – can we stop yet? But for me the motivation to exercise has never really been about fitness and health (though they are very worthy side benefits). I have always exercised to eat.

It’s a simple analogy.

 Swim hat and goggles Plustrainers



chips no mayoPlusWine glass

Recently though I’ve started to appreciate another benefit to exercise. It clears the mind of all the fog (in my case, that’s a lot of clearing to do) so that suddenly, while plodding down the two-mile-mark road, puffing and cursing the fact that I’m not even half way, a conversation between my hero and heroine will bounce into my mind. Or perhaps a side-plot. Sometimes a direction I hadn’t considered to take the book in.

The physical pain is forgotten as I mull the ideas over, expanding on them, discarding them. There are times I love the ideas so much I’m terrified they’ll vanish before I’m home so I spend the next half of the run just repeating them over and over again so I don’t forget them. I’ve thought of taking a dictaphone with me, but realised I probably wouldn’t be able to make out my voice over my heavy breathing…

It’s not just when I run. Ideas come when I swim, too. Any exercise when I’m by myself and can let my mind wander.

So now I have even more motivation to put on those trainers. I’m not saying it makes the task any more enjoyable, but the rewards are worth it.

trainersPlusSwim hat and goggles



DOA_hiresfront copy smallTC_NEW front 150dpi

(and the chips – always the chips!)


photo credit: Frites via photopin (license)


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