What I learnt this week: January update

The New Year, The New Guy…and more

As you may know, my latest book, The New Guy, is currently available for pre-order (only 99p ?) and will come out in March from my new publisher, One More Chapter.

So, what next?

Well, this year I’m going to dip my toe into the world of self-publishing. A Little Christmas Nativity was written last year and has fallen in the gap between publishers, so I thought I’d publish it myself, with a little help from an editor, a cover artist and Kindle direct publishing. More on it later in the year, but I will tell you it features a school head, a TV actor who’s gone off the rails, and a return to The Old Mill Hotel.

My second book for One More Chapter also features an actor, only in this case Zac is a film star being left increasingly worrying notes by a stalker who signs the notes with a pink lipstick kiss. My heroine, Kat, is a bodyguard assigned to protect Zac…and that’s all I’m going to say for now. The book is currently with my editor, and depending on how many revisions are needed, and how drastic they are, will depend on whether we’ll see it later this year…

Finally, I’m currently writing my third book for One More Chapter. This one requires me to know something about ballroom dancing.Now my hubby and I did have lessons before we were married (he was keen to please me in those days), and we did manage a passable waltz at our wedding (guess which photo is us?).

Sadly that was the last waltz we had, and as I struggle to remember what I did last week, I don’t have a hope of remembering what I learnt twenty-five years ago. It means I was forced to spend some of yesterday watching YouTube clips of couples waltzing. Yes, you’re right, having to watch Gethin waltz with Camilla (from an early series of Strictly Come Dancing) was tough, but sometimes we have to suffer for our art.





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