What I learnt this week: Search for Truth

I’m thrilled to say my fourth book – and my third with Choc Lit – goes live for pre-order on Amazon today. Just in case you want to make sure  it goes onto your Kindle on 13th August, here is the link

And here, thanks to Choc Lit and the amazing Berni Stevens, is the cover:

SEARCH FOR TRUTH_front150dpi

I’m excited about this one – but also a bit nervous. It’s a romance set in the industry I spent over twenty years of my life working in: the pharmaceutical industry. I loved it. I was proud to work in an industry that improves the health of so many people. An industry that saves lives, though it’s sometimes given a hard time. Certainly my heroine, Tess, isn’t a great fan. In fact, when she joins it – not for the career challenge, but for a very personal reason – she feels she’s joining The Dark Side. When she meets Jim Knight, the head of research and development, she experiences the dark side in a different way. Yes, he is tall, dark and handsome. He’s also dynamic, determined – and has a deadly smile.

So why am I nervous ? Well actually I’m always nervous at the launch of a new book – will people like it? – but for this one there is an extra butterfly or two. I based it in the pharma industry because I thought it made sense to write about something I knew for a change. Now it’s about to go live though, I realise many of those amazing colleagues I worked with might actually get round to reading it. And when they do, they’ll not only be checking the detail. They’ll be wondering where my characters came from.

Worry not, they are all from my imagination. I tell you, if I’d come across a man like Jim Knight, I’d have known about it. And if I’d met Tess, I like to think we’d still be meeting for drinks, discussing our shoe collection (she’s obsessed!).

Now I just need to persuade those butterflies to calm down a bit.




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