What I learnt this week: Thursday 8th September

Money in the bank is great, but memories are priceless

I know I’ve said it before, but I love London. Every time I go it has something different to offer, something I’ve not seen before. It could be an event, a building I’ve not noticed on previous trips. Perhaps the sight of a famous landmark from a different angle, or in a different light, like Tower Bridge on Friday night.

img_0849 img_0853


Golden Gate, Sydney harbor, Brooklyn, Rialto, Ponte Vecchio, they are all amazing, but Tower Bridge has gravitas. It is magnificent, imposing, unique.

We also caught sight of this £225 million bombproof super yacht. Not a sight you see every day, though to be honest we only realised how expensive it was when we saw it mentioned in the Daily Mail. We just thought it was a weird looking boat blocking our view of HMS Belfast…


We were in London to celebrate exam success (the boys) and our wedding anniversary. Okay, really we were in London because I wanted another excuse to stay there. As we live only 45 minutes ago it always seemed excessive to stay overnight, but the older I get, the more I realise how important it is to create memories. I don’t know how much longer my children will want to go away with their parents but I figure if I dangle treats at them like dinner in the Shard (what an incredible experience, eating on the 32nd floor, surrounded by the glory that is London), I may be able to keep them interested a little longer. And I will have a store of memories to keep me going when they finally realise we’re too old, too dull to spend time with. Even with the dangling carrot.

Enjoying a drink in the Shard before the meal, and before we've seen the bill.
Enjoying a drink in the Shard before the meal, and before we’ve seen the bill.



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