What I’ve learnt: a year of writing romantic fiction

My books are like my children. I love them all equally, though some have tried my patience more than others. I was as excited about seeing the second and third as I was about the first. I get upset when they’re criticised and glow with pride when they’re praised. Finally, despite the amount of effort I’ve put into them, they don’t bother to thank me.

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I’m not easy to please (direct quote from my husband). On the days I’m doing my medical writing, I yearn to write romance. When I’m writing romance I feel guilty I’m not earning money from the medical writing.

My writing life is all about balance. Writing is a job, so I have to treat it as one. Just because I’m in my own home, doing something I enjoy, doesn’t mean I have the freedom to pop to the shops or meet friends for lunch. Then again, just because I’m working, it doesn’t mean I can’t squeeze in the occasional treat, either.

I love my job. The hours are long and the pay is poor, but I’m rarely happier than when I’m in my study, working on my next book. Writing or editing – I love them both equally (proof reading not so much).

Support from friends, family, fellow writers, bloggers and readers is priceless. A huge thank you to everyone reading this blog. It is you who’ve inspired and encouraged. You who have helped me achieve the once unbelievable feat of having books out there with my name on them.

Here’s to 2015 – may it bring success and happiness to you all (oh, and some further reading by Kathryn Freeman).

[Big hint: Life After is out on January 30th]



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