Happy 7th birthday to my publisher


Iced by me (if you can call it that) but not made by me...so perfectly edible, according to my sons.
Iced by me (if you can call it that) but not made by me…so perfectly edible, according to my sons.

Today Choc Lit turns seven, and as seven is such a favourite number (seven colours of the rainbow, the Magnificent Seven, seven wonders of the ancient world, 007…) I thought I’d share seven reasons why I love being published by Choc Lit:

  1. Three years ago Choc Lit took a chance on this unpublished author and made what had previously been a dream, a reality.
  2. Choc Lit publish a range of fiction – historical, contemporary, paranormal, suspense, time-slip – but romance is always at the heart.
  3. Choc Lit champion the heroes point of view, which is the one I most enjoy writing.
  4. All of the books they publish have to first pass a tasting panel. This makes sure the books you read have already been enjoyed by a selection of readers. Often their feedback forms part of the editorial process too, making the final book better than it was before – something as a writer I fully appreciate.
  5. Choc Lit employ a brilliant team. There’s the head office gang who juggle the publishing and promotion of our books, keep us on track, yet always have time for us. Cover artist (Berni Stevens) who doesn’t just create amazing, eye catching covers, but writes about vampires, too. Editor Jane Eastgate whom I’ve been fortunate to work with on three of my books – insightful yet diplomatic, knowing exactly how to improve the book without bruising the sensitive ego of this writer.
  6. Choc Lit authors work as a team, helping to support each other, to promote each other. Writing can be a lonely business, but with these guys it isn’t. Whether it’s a clap on the back, a rejoicing whoop, or a hug that’s needed, the Choc Lit team are there to provide it. And they are amazing writers, too, making me so proud to be part of the selection box (pun on chocolates? Okay, okay, if I have to explain it, I shouldn’t have written it, but I hate to turn down a cheesy line…).

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