March – a dream of a month

Wow, where did the last few months go? But how lovely to now be in spring, with life slowly getting back to normal. And a few things to update you on!

My next book is out in May!!

Yes, I finally have the details for book number six with One More Chapter. It’s called The Italian Job and is out on May 6th, but yes, you’ve guess it…it’s available for pre-order now!

Here’s the blurb – I hope it sounds like something you’d like to read!

Dream job. Dream house. Fake fiancé. 

A year in a gorgeous Italian castle…

When Anna Roberts’ life implodes, an online search leads her to an ad for the ultimate dream job – management of a gorgeous castle on the shores of Lake Como, accommodation included. The only catch? Anna can’t do it alone…

…With the last man on earth she’d choose!

The castle owners will only accept a couple as caretakers, which means Anna needs a man on her arm at the interview. Enter her neighbour, Jake Tucker. Though Anna and Jake have never seen eye-to-eye, Jake’s had a rough few years and an escape to Italy sounds ideal. Yet, when they get the job and jet off, Anna and Jake face an unexpected challenge. Pretending to be a couple is difficult … but pretending the tension simmering between them doesn’t exist is quickly proving impossible!

I based the book in Lake Como because I thought it was dreamily romantic when I went there several years ago. It might have had something to do with the fact I kept thinking I might bump into George Clooney. It definitely wasn’t because of any romance I experienced with my holiday companions of hubby and two sons…!

The other thing that happened in March was … this! Yes, I got to meet Larry Lamb and win the RNA Romantic Comedy Award with Mr Right Across the Street.

Unbelievable huh? I was so not expecting to win my category, I didn’t prepare a speech. Something I immediately regretted as I made my way to the front of the room. What a joy it was to be back at an RNA event after two years, and what an honour to see my name among the winners.

It just goes to prove that if you have a dream to do something, go for it, and keep going for it until you get there. It took three years and three books before my first publishing contract, and eighteen books and nine years before this award. Not exactly an overnight success, but I did it – and whatever your dream is, you can do it too ?


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