What I learnt last month: 17th October 2019

Goodbye sunshine

Well, the fun is over. Holidays have been had, wedding anniversary celebrated, latest book published…now it’s time to get my head down again.

But before I do, a chance to reminisce on my September highlight. For once, excited though I was to have my 12th book published (how on earth did I get to 12?!), my highlight wasn’t the publication of Reach for a Star (available here if you missed it, she plugs shamelessly!)

No, that was surpassed by my holiday, which coincided with our silver wedding anniversary.

Naively, a while ago we asked the boys…umm, at 20 and 22 they’ll be horrified to be called that. Luckily they don’t read any of my ramblings. Funnily enough, they don’t listen to any of them either. I digress, we asked our sons if they wanted to go on holiday in September with their crusty old parents. We expected the answer to be no, yet why would it be, when we were offering a free trip abroad?

Of course then they started to make suggestions.

‘It would be good to be in a resort where there’s stuff going on.’

‘A chilled holiday, somewhere hot.’

‘Oh and make sure there’s a golf course.’

Okay then. But what about my list:

  • Romantic setting (it would be as close as I got to actual romance)
  • Meals included – for once, I wasn’t going to cook
  • Beach I can lie on and dream up my next book

This* was where we ended up. Ticks the romantic setting box eh? And those feet are mine, sitting on the lounger, dreaming of my next book.

Here’s a photo of a small selection of starters. So definitely ticked my ‘no cooking’ box, too.








But okay, okay, it wasn’t all bliss. I did end up having to play golf. Well, when I say play, I enjoyed driving a buggy around 18 holes. We did have some lessons, and the boys really improved. My husband improved a little. As for me, at least now when I hack the ball 3 yards down the fairway, I do it with the right grip.

*Mauritius 🙂


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