What I learnt this month: 4th August 2016


Apologies for the lack of blog posts over the last month but I have a good excuse. I was on holiday. I had an amazing time, but there was one day I ended up with tears in my eyes.

Now I am known to blubber quite easily. If you upset me, I’ll cry. I may not do it in front of you, but I certainly won’t be able to stop the tears when I’m alone, or if someone asks me the classic tear provoking question, ‘are you okay?’

When I’m really happy, I cry too. I cried when my husband proposed, when I saw my sons for the first time. Also when I saw the first book cover with my name on it! Give me a good book or a good film and the tears will definitely fall at those emotional moments. Richard Gere climbing up to see Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Hugh Grant turning up to the press conference in Notting Hill. Nemo reuniting with his dad…

But on holiday I experienced tears of a different kind. Tears of wonder.

We went on a whale watching tour and didn’t just see humpback whales, we were given a show by one of them. It was the most incredible, magical, humbling sight I can ever remember seeing. And I cried.



Of course my family thought I was crazy – no news there – but even I was shocked at my reaction. I can’t quite get a handle on why it had such an effect on me; the tranquility of the scene, the┬ábeauty of the whale, the inquisitive way it kept popping its head up to look at us, the fact that this wild animal seemed to be saying hello, putting on a show. That something so large could also be so elegant.

I’ll leave you with some more photos and perhaps you can see for yourself which this incredible animal provoked such an intense reaction in me.

Try not to cry ­čÖé

DSC04354 DSC04346



DSC04337 DSC04330


DSC04390 DSC04386


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