What I learnt…this month

Phew, so much has happened since I last ‘saw’ you.

At the beginning of the month, you may remember I celebrated the paperback publication of Before You, and the ebook publication of Too Damn Nice (yes, yes, that was just an excuse to remind you I’ve got these books out…).


Well, after the excitement of all that, I needed a holiday. As luck would have it (or in this case extensive and exhaustive planning) I had one booked, so I headed off to Canada with my family. A destination I can thoroughly recommend. If the Canadians are having a dry summer though, avoid July and August if you don’t want to run the risk of having the fabulous scenery ruined by the smoke from forest fires. Thankfully it didn’t affect every day, it just depended on the way the wind was blowing. Never have we spent so much time researching wind patterns while on holiday.

Here’s an example of how much of a difference the smoke can make. The first photo is taken at the start of the day, on the road from Kamloops to Jasper national park in the Rockies. The second photo is taken several hours later, arriving in Jasper national park.

Smoke on roadMount Robson

And here we have the same scene, but on different days. The first is a view of the amazing Athabasca glacier from a hike. The second is the same glacier, viewed from across the road, two days later.

Athabasca glacier clear dayGlacier in smoke

What a difference a few days – or if you’re travelling, a few hours, can make!

But on those days when the wind sent the smoke away from us, wow. Just wow. The scenery was so stunning it even made a photographer out of me.

LakeTop of Sulphur rimLake Louise

And it wasn’t just the scenery that excelled. The wildlife was pretty amazing, too.

DSC05171 copyBig horn sheepChipmunk

Thankfully we only saw one of these guys behind a fence, in a sanctuary…


So there you have it. My excuse for not posting for a while is I’ve been on holiday. Unfortunately, having chosen a holiday in a country renowned for its mountains, the only actual rest I had was at the top of one! (in case you’re wondering, the man isn’t a stranger I picked up. It’s my husband…).


NEXT WEEK – more book news!


CAnada smoke


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