What I learnt this week: 21st September 2017

It’s starting to look a teeny weeny bit like Christmas…?!

I know, I know, it’s so annoying when people bang on about Christmas when it’s only September. Heavens, we’re only just putting the flip flops away and turning the heating on again. The thing is though, if you have a paperback book coming out, and a new ebook, and they both have a Christmas theme…well, you kind of want to bang on about Christmas in September.


If I promise to just let you know about them both now, and then keep quiet for a few weeks about the subject, will you forgive me? Thank you.

A Second Christmas Wish is going to be available in paperback on 28th November. I’ll just pop a photo of the cover up now, very quickly, to remind you which book I mean:


There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? And now I’m on a roll, my new Christmas ebook, A Little Christmas Faith, is going to be out on the 24th October. I’ll tell you more about it nearer the time, but it is available for pre-order for anyone who’s itching to get into the Christmas spirit!


There, all done. But just to link back to last week’s post, when I talked about my summer holiday in Canada, here’s a photo of a couple of mementoes we brought back with us.


You see, even on my summer holiday, I was anticipating Christmas, and decorating that tree. It’s become a habit of mine to bring back a Christmas decoration from our travels abroad. My family will say an annoying habit (another one?), as the last thing they want to shop for on holiday are Christmas decorations. Actually, the last thing my male dominated family want to do is shop, full stop. Still, reminiscing when I get the decorations out is one of the lovely things about getting ready for Christmas, so as the Freeman males invariably find something else to do when I ask for help, waiting while I browse through the Christmas shops is the least they can do. And trust me, the least is what they tend to aim for…! (it’s okay, none of them read my blog).




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