What I learnt this week: 10th January 2019

Happy New Year

Is it too late to say that? Too late to post a blog about Christmas? Damn. If I don’t, then really there’s nothing much else to report. The kids are back to university, the husband back to work, and I’m back to writing (both medical and romance) in a house that feels very quiet.

Well, except for the presence of the builders, putting in new windows. But hey, the sound of drilling, of banging and the constant blast of cold air is nothing compared to having my two sons under my feet for three weeks.

So, did I hear you ask me about my Christmas?

Oh, go on then, I’ll post a photo of my tree.

What did I get up to? It was wall to wall family up to New Year’s Eve, when we collapsed quietly in front of the television and only just made it to midnight. But it was lovely to have two different Christmas days. The actual Christmas was spent with the, let’s call them the more mature generation (my mum and my mum and dad-in-law). Still all sprightly enough that we could enjoy a few days out, including a walk in Marlow on Christmas Eve. Could have been summer, looking at the photos.

Our second Christmas was spent in Somerset, with my brother and his family of teenage girls. My sons have always called their cousins the pains, but at 14, 15 and 16 we now have the occasional glimpse of young ladies. When they’re not getting stuck in the mud on a walk. Or tackling the boys to the ground playing football.

They’re also very useful sources of reference. My middle niece, Tiegan, helped me out when I was writing A Little Christmas Faith, ensuring teenage Chloe was as authentic as I could make her. So of course I gave her the book as a Christmas present. A generous aunt, perhaps not, but a sneaky one, sure. That next generation of readers isn’t going to just fall into my lap 🙂

Happy New year to you all. May 2019 be kind and generous to you. And may you get the chance to read a lot of books (they don’t have to be mine…!).



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