What I learnt this week: 11th October 2018

Shorts and Christmas

Last week saw the paperback publication of A Little Christmas Faith – my seventh paperback. Yes, when I counted them up, I was as surprised as you are. I still vividly remember the excitement of the first, Do Opposites Attract. Such an incredible moment when I got to touch (and smell!) a book with my name on the front. My words inside. And though the seventh doesn’t have quite the same giddiness to it, that sense of wonder, of satisfaction and yes, of pride, is still very much there.

Plus this one is sooooooo pretty.


It’s also available as an audio book which is not only amazing news, it’s another fabulous excuse to show a picture 🙂


Next week my third Christmas book is out in ebook – A Little Christmas Charm (can be pre-ordered here).

ALCC final cover

It might only be October but Christmas really is thundering towards me at the moment. Yet on Wednesday I was writing outside with my shorts on.

It’s a funny old life (umm, it was 23 degrees out there. I wasn’t just being a mad writer).

Though I might be drowning in Christmas on-line, rest assured, in my house, nothing has been done. It will be the usual burst of activity at the start of December, as if I’ve suddenly remembered Christmas is coming. And while I’m being buried alive in to-do lists, I’ll promise myself, yet again, that next year I’ll start earlier…


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