What I learnt this week 26th September

Empty nest eve

As I write this, I’ve not quite got an empty nest. My eldest is back to begin his third year in London but my youngest won’t be starting his course in Loughborough university until tomorrow. When we drop him off, we’ll come back to a childless house for the first time in twenty years. Already I’m feeling nostalgic for what has been. Doing the on-line grocery order for next week brought a tear to my eye (and no, this time it wasn’t because of technical glitches). No longer do I need the waffles my youngest loves, or the cookies, bottles of coke and chocolate muffins that make the eyes of my eldest light up when he dives into the bread and ‘naughty treats’ drawer.


I’ve halved the amount of milk and juice. Halved the meat, the salad, the vegetables. Kept to the same number of wine bottles, though I had the urge to increase it, just in case.

But I’ve also booked two weekends away with my husband, have lined up all the romantic comedies I haven’t been able to watch because I’m always outvoted, and am looking forward to a whole five days of uninterrupted writing, with school runs no longer on my to-do list. Oh and if I’m halving things, then I must be halving the washing…a massive silver lining.


I could also be halving the amount of mess I have to tidy up, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I still have my husband at home 🙂




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