What I learnt this week: 13th August 2015

A time for celebration – and thanks

Three years ago my dream was to get a book published. Today I will see my fourth book go live on Amazon (cue excuse to post the book covers…).

DOA_hiresfront copy TC_NEW front 150dpi LifeAfter_w7885_300SEARCH FOR TRUTH_front150dpi

Am I as excited as I was the other three times?  You bet I am. Am I as nervous? You bet I am.

Search for the Truth is very special to me because it combines my two careers. While I was working in the pharmaceutical industry (1991- 2011) never once did I think I’d one day be using the setting to write a romance. Like most jobs there were times of stress (I think it’s now called challenge…) but the work was meaningful and varied and the people – the people are why I look back at my time there with such fondness. Many of those I was lucky enough to work with have been just as supportive of me as I’ve worked to forge my new career, encouraging me through the rejections and congratulating me on my publication milestones.

So I’d like to use this blog to thank my friends in the pharmaceutical industry for their incredible support over the years. And I promise that while you were my inspiration, none of you feature in Search for the Truth.

But it’s not just friends in pharma whose encouragement has brought me to this stage. It’s family, both near and far, and friends from other walks of life. It’s fellow writers and of course my publisher, Choc Lit and the lovely Chocliteers. Most importantly, it’s those who have been kind enough to read my books.

To all of you, a huge, heartfelt thank you.


(The present is for illustrative purposes only. Sorry. Writing romantic fiction is huge fun but not very lucrative…).




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