What I learnt this week: 13th March 2020

Publication day goes with a fizz….

Well, what can I say, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks since I last posted here.

First and most excitingly (for me!), today is publication day for The New Guy, my first venture with my new publisher, One More Chapter. You can find it here, should you want to sample it. The photo next to it, is of what I’m going to be sampling tonight ?

Meanwhile, I’m busy doing the final edits on the next book, provisionally called The Bodyguard (after my heroine, Kat Parker, the bodyguard in question). It’s available for pre-order here,¬†published on 12th June. I’ve seen a few samples of potential covers, and I love them…so watch this space.

As if my head wasn’t spinning enough with these two, I’ve also just written The End on a third book, provisionally called Strictly Romance. It’s a rough first draft, and I now have a month and a half to pummel it into a reasonable enough shape to send to One More Chapter. That’s once I’ve drunk the fizz. And once I’ve finished the edits for the book above. Gulp (and no, that’s not what I’ll be doing with the fizz, honest. It will be polite sips ?).

Finally on the book writing, in October (if all goes to plan!) I will be self-publishing for the first time. It’s a Christmas book, and a final visit to the Old Mill Hotel. This one is all on me (the title, the blurb, the decision on the cover – I think that calls for another gulp). You’ll be pleased to know I have organised a professional editor to go through it, and I have booked a cover designer. It won’t be me with my crayons…!







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