What I learnt this week: 15th April

Lockdown continues…but it’s business (almost) as usual

The world around me has changed in dramatic fashion, yet in the world behind my front door it is, for the most part, business as usual. I still get up and exercise – though now the swimming pool is closed, the tennis courts locked, I have no choice but to run, or run, or run.

I still go to my study, though now I wear my tracky bottoms, because who else is going to see me, other than my family, who don’t notice what I wear? I still sit in front of my computer and write. Never have I been more grateful to be able to spend my day in an imaginary world where people still go to restaurants, drive to the beach, travel, play sport. Fall in love.

Of course a major difference is that now I’m not alone in the house during the day. My husband is working from home, my sons back from university. Instead of peace and quiet I hear what’s for lunch, where’s [insert any object], when’s dinner.

Despite these interruptions, and the extra washing, I’ve managed to submit my third book to One More Chapter; Strictly Dating. I started this back in November, when I hadn’t heard of coronavirus, and it’s been a total joy to lose myself in the story of Maggie and Seb during the intervening months. It’s also given me an excuse to watch repeats of Strictly Come Dancing… necessary for research. Honest.

But this is still early days for Strictly Dating. My editor may hate it (yes, I still find my heart thumping when I read that email). Even if she likes it, she will have ideas to improve which will entail writing new chunks, deleting others and swopping text around. Then will come more editing, which will pull it into shape – and at times will feel like pulling teeth. Submitting that initial draft is like climbing the first hill. Submitting final edits is reaching the top of the mountain (an excuse to show you two photos from a few years ago, in the Canadian Rockies. And a reminder we will, one day, go on holiday again).

In the middle of all this virtual mountaineering, I have the publication of my second book for One More Chapter to look forward to. Up Close and Personal is out in June. Here’s the blurb – next week, if you can contain your excitement, I’ll reveal the cover!

British actor Zac Edwards is the latest heartthrob to hit the red carpets. Hot, talented and rich, he sends women wild…all except one.

Close protection officer Kat Parker hasn’t got time to play celebrity games.  She has one job: to protect Zac from the stalker that seems to be dogging his every move.

Zac might get her hot under her very starched collar, but Kat’s a professional – and sleeping with Zac is no way part of her remit…

Finally, for a bit of fun, I appeared on Morton Gray’s blog this week – here are five things you might not know about me 🙂


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