What I learnt this week: 17th May 2018

Not that wedding

I spend a lot of my life writing about love, so it won’t come as a huge surprise to know I absolutely adore a wedding. To me, it’s the closest we get to being in a fairy tale. It’s a day of joy, of people dressing up and looking their best. And yes, even on my own wedding, my hubby and I looked as close as we’re ever going to get to a prince and princess…

Wedding me and Andrew 2

Of course this weekend a real prince will get married, and in my home town, too. I won’t be going to wave at them, not because I can’t be bothered fighting my way through the crowds. I did that to see William and Kate in London, so I’d definitely be game to do that in Windsor. No, I won’t be going because I’ve been invited to a wedding. And I can’t wait. The bride and groom may not be royal, the fizz may not be champagne and the guests may not be celebrities (though they have an author going clearly….!). I suspect though, the essence of the day will be the same. We will all put on our best frocks, our hats and sparkly shoes …

IMG_2202 Wedding hat

Umm, okay, that might just be me, but I do love dressing up. When I bought these shoes I thought wow, so pretty and such a bargain (obviously) – they’ll be perfect for the wedding. Now I’m thinking – ouch, can I really walk in these all day? Flip-flops will be snuck into my handbag.

Where was I? Oh yes, the similarities between the wedding of Harry and Megan, and that of my cousin’s daughter and her fiancĂ©. Both weddings will have a beautiful bride and a handsome groom. Both will have guests who’ll smile until their faces ache because they’re there to make this a very special day, for a very special couple. Both weddings will be remembered by the couple for the rest of their lives. Both weddings will be filled with love and laughter. And both weddings will, I trust, have a happy every after.



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