What I learnt this week: 23rd January 2021

Firstly – a belated happy new year. I hope you’re all well, staying safe and keeping sane. I’ve never been so grateful to spend my days in my imagination. Already this month I’ve been to the beach, been out for a meal, gone to the pub. All things that used to seem so normal but now only happen in movies and books …!

On Friday I celebrated the publication of my … bloody hell, 17th book! I actually had to count them up, I’d forgotten. It seems unbelievable that it’s 7 years since my first book was published. To all of you who’ve read one of my books, I can only thank you sincerely for helping me to keep doing what I love doing. To those of you who’ve read them all… hello mum 🙂

So, here is book 17….Mr Right Across the Street. If you remember, it’s about a couple (Mia and Luke) who live opposite each other and exchange notes in their window. The brains behind the fabulous idea was my editor. All I had to do was think of a story around it.

Next week the book is featured in the One More Chapter book club as part of their Readalong initiative.

It takes place over 26th– 29thJanuary and features a Facebook chat on Tuesday (with me, gulp), challenges, video clips and even a live Instagram event. I’m bricking the last one especially as I’ve only just started using Instagram and am a total numpty on it. My son despairs every time I ask him questions like what’s a story? (yep, need to find that out before next Friday). The phrase old dogs and new tricks comes to mind.

Still, onwards and upwards. I’m half way through draft one of book 18 and the aim is for it be out in time for the summer, when the world will, we hope, be a very different place.


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