What I learnt this week: 8th March 2021

The Beach Reads Book Club:  The End

It is a significant milestone in any writer’s life – a moment you sometimes fear will never happen. Writing a book is absorbing, satisfying, entertaining, exciting. But it can also be bloody hard. There are times when the words flow, when it seems you know exactly where the book is going and how to get there. Then there are times when you can’t see the way forward, when the words fall from your brain and onto the keyboard with all the fluidity of rice pudding. And you wonder if you’ll ever finish it.

Of course The End isn’t really the end, because there is so much more work to be done. Before submitting to my publisher I went through it again, revising, beefing some areas up, at all times crossing my fingers and hoping I didn’t hate it. I didn’t (phew). Is it the finished article though? No, not by a long stretch. But rather than me tinker with it again, I sent The Beach Reads Book Club to a professional, my editor, who will know how to make it better. Meanwhile, a few images to help you get a feel for the book (err, no, the hero isn’t the blonde with long furry ears).

All of which now leaves me in that strange limbo land between books. The last one is still in my head, but I need to push it out to make room for the next one. I’ve no idea at the moment where that one will take me, which is both exciting and daunting.

While I begin to muse on it, I’ve decided to begin the process of self-publishing one of two books I wrote about four years ago when I was in my I want to write a romance with a bit more menace phase. A phase I now regret, because though I love the books, publishers didn’t  – apparently they’re quite hard to market. Romantic suspense, but really it’s more romance than suspense. But there is enough suspense to make it not a rom com, which is sort of where my writing usually lies. You see what I mean?

In fact just thinking about what the cover should look like is giving me a headache. But Dean and Lia, Archie and Kerry…I hate the thought of their stories remaining unread on my computer. So watch this space as I try my hand at self-publishing once again. While I also get stuck into writing book 18 ?


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