What I learnt this week: 25th April 2019

Crikey – my latest book has been published

Tuesday was St Georges day. It was also, quite aptly, publication day for Crikey A Bodyguard. After all, St George is known for his strength and courage, though whether he did actually fight a dragon is debatable. Unless of course he lived in Westeros (if you’re not watching Game of Thrones, you’ll now be wondering what on earth I’m talking about it). Ben Jacobs, the hero of my latest book, also has strength and courage. He’s a bit of a wisecracker, too, which really helps scientist Kelly Bridge when they find themselves dodging bullets and kidnappers.

Ben was one of my favourite heroes to write, though I have to admit I’m very attached to them all. Over the years I’ve fallen a teeny bit in love with a carpenter, barrister, doctor, pharmaceutical industry director, racing car driver, ex tennis professional, accountant, architect, biscuit company heir and a marketing director.

Thankfully my husband is very understanding.

Now I can celebrate adding bodyguard to that list. So here’s to romantic heroes, who come in many guises. Please take a glass. Before I drink the lot 🙂




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