What I learnt this week: 25th September 2014

Bungee straps and parcel tape are invaluable when it comes to small fixes in the home (though it isn’t exactly invisible mending). As you can see from the photographs below, parcel tape is brilliant at keeping two ends of a curtain pole together. As for the bungee strap – who would have thought it would make such an excellent shower holder? The trouble is, apart from looking shabby, both items have solved the issue so well it’s hard to find the motivation to get them mended properly.

Curtain poleShower head

Mountain biking is terrifying. I should qualify that by saying it’s terrifying if you’re not a very confident cyclist. I can just about cope with flat roads, as long as I don’t have to turn left because I’m very unstable with only my right hand on the handlebar. I don’t even mind going uphill as long as it’s not too steep, not too high and I can go at my own pace. Hurtling downhill through forests on rough trails, with testosterone fuelled bikers breathing down my neck, wasn’t fun. I must have been the only person in the forest who used their brakes.

Happy goldfish are like humans and can put on weight. You may remember that Googley, our very special gold fish, had struggled in the same tank as his supposed friends. These other fish were bullying him, pecking at him, driving him to hide behind the bogwood. In the end it was so heartbreaking to watch we bought him his own tank (see first picture below, and also the blog on 12th June!). Three months later he is absolutely thriving. He’s now twice the size he was before (second picture) and is always out and about, coming to see us rather than cowering in the corner like he used to. I think if we put him back with others now they wouldn’t dare pick on him, but why risk it? He’s a contended fish, king of his own domain, happy with his human companions.

Googley reflectionGoogley 3

Run out of cups, plates, glasses – check your teenager’s bedroom. One thing for certain, if they are up there, they won’t make it down unless you bring them.



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