What I’ve learnt this week: 2nd October 2014

A picture is still worth a thousand words – especially on twitter. A lovely friend of mine was kind enough to not only read my book on holiday, but take it up Mount Etna to photograph it. I thought for quite a while about the words I’d tag it with when I posted it on Twitter: bubbling, explosive passion, just waiting to erupt… (yes, I love a corny line). However I know the number of retweets it received was down to the drama of the photograph – pretty pink against the barren brown ash, with snow in the background – rather than my prose. I’m off now to take a picture of my book in as many dramatic places as I can and if you fancy adding to that collection I’d be delighted. You can even come up with your own prose, to save you cringing at mine.

DOA on Mt Etna

For his birthday dinner my teenage son chose – a take out. I’m going to pretend this is a reflection of his desire to give his mother a night off rather than a preference for food that doesn’t involve me cooking it.

Going out for dinner with your family is worth every penny, not for the quality of the food, but the quality of the conversation.  Taking my sons out for a meal, away from the distractions of home, is a joy. They’re chatty, witty and surprisingly knowledgeable. Our topics last Friday ranged from formula 1 to Adam and Eve and they knew more about both than I did. There was only way it could have been improved; they could have picked up the bill. Sadly I suspect the day they’re earning enough to do that is the day they decide they don’t want to go out with their fusty parents.


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