What I learnt this week: 27th April 2017

Summer is coming – but the Christmas book isn’t finished

You can always tell the start of the cricket season – the wind picks up, the temperature drops. Last Sunday, the first match of the season for our village club, we were lucky. The sun came out and at times it was actually warm. Here’s my proof – team in short sleeves, not a jumper in sight.


There’s a few things I don’t like about this time of year:

– from now until September the weekends revolve around cricket

– from now until September the conversation at home revolves around cricket

– from now until September my whites wash loads will triple

– from now until September my house will be filled with cricket equipment


But there’s also a few things I really love about this time of year:

– from now until September the weather is (generally) getting warmer and the sun shines more often i.e. summer is coming

– from now until September I sneak in a lot more writing at the weekend. I can only watch so much cricket….

– from now until September I can justify sitting all day in the sun. I’m supporting my family, honest. It’s just a coincidence that each time you look at me I have my nose in a book/newspaper/am writing…

And speaking of writing, I’d better head back to The Christmas Book. Word count is 39,000 so still a way to go (aiming for around 50,000). Another month of cricket matches though and I might get there 🙂

P.S. New to cricket? Here’s a post a wrote a couple of years ago that helps explain it, from a female perspective.



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