What I learnt this week: 31st January 2019

The edits are in for my next book – ta da!

I love this part of writing. Okay, I love pretty much all parts of writing. Not the bits when I’m staring at my computer screen and the words are coming out with all the speed of a slowly dripping tap. Not the proof read stage when I’m reading it to check mistakes but actually getting ideas for whole sections I want to change.

Those two exceptions aside, I love writing, and I especially love editing. I think. Or maybe I equally love editing. Either way, this is the part that is real. The book I’m writing may never be published, but the book I’m editing, that’s on it’s way to being born. And now, with the help of a wise editor, I’m adding the gloss, making it stronger, sharper – better.

So it’s eyes down for the next few weeks as I immerse myself in the world of biological warfare, vaccines, bodyguards…and love ?.

Here’s one of the books I’ve been using to fact check.

Yes, research for Oh Crumbs, the book set in the biscuit factory, was soooooo much easier.

And yes, I am now wondering why on earth I didn’t stick to writing a sequel for that, instead.

Then again, part of what I love about writing is the excitement of developing new characters, and new situations, so it was  worth a bit of research pain.

And hopefully you too, dear reader, will enjoy the change of scenery ?


PS Crikey, a Bodyguard will be out in the Spring.


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