What I learnt this week: 3rd April 2014

  • Ross Poldark is coming back! He is my all time favourite romantic hero. In my teens I devoured the books – then read them all again ten years later. I loved the TV series so much I bought all the episodes on video (umm, not much use to me now!) so I could watch them all again. Of course there is a worry that the remake of such a classic series won’t match the original, but the characters are so wonderful I don’t see how it can fail. Any series where the hero is slightly flawed but honorable and compassionate (oh and wears tight breeches, leather boots, billowing shirts and a thin scar on his face) simply has to be a hit.
  • Putting ice cubes on dents in the carpet really does get rid of them. I mentioned I’d heard this trick a few weeks back (13th March blog) but hadn’t tried it out until last weekend. I put the ice on the dents and left it overnight and here are the results – no photoshopping involved (if you think I can do that, you’re giving me far too much credit!).

Before iceWith iceAFter


  • Mother’s Day not Mothers’ Day. I confess, I thought it should be Mothers’ Day, thinking this is a day to honour mothers and hence, from schoolgirl grammar, it should be a plural possessive. However I understand the founder of the day wanted it to be a day when each family honoured their mother (hence a singular possessive) not a day to commemorate all mothers . Thus Mother’s Day is the official name of the holiday and Mother’s Day is the version used in the law which made the day an official holiday in the US. This is used as a precedent. To be honest, as long as somebody brought me breakfast in bed, I wasn’t too bothered where they put the apostrophe (and yes, technically I did get breakfast in bed – but because my teenage sons don’t get up until 10.30, I’d already been for a run, had a shower and got dressed by then. But then I went back to bed for my breakfast).
  • I’ve now sent off my final edits for Do Opposites Attract – gulp! I will see the manuscript one more time (in a couple of weeks for the proof ) but on Monday I submitted my final changes to my editor. It’s my most scary time – that final read when I start to doubt whether the book is any good at all. Of course I’ve read it so many times by now, there is no mystery. That being said, I’m still in love with Mitch, my hero – he’s gruff and hard on the outside but so wonderfully soft and compassionate on the inside. I hope you’ll love him, too.

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