What I learnt this week: 3rd December 2015

Trying to get into the Christmas spirit

This week November turned into December. No longer could I say it’s too early to think about Christmas. And though I’m trying not to be a bah humbug about the whole thing, I’m finding it very hard…

  • I decided I was going to be proactive and book my on-line Christmas delivery, only to find the closest date I could get to have my groceries delivered was the 17th December.
  • I went into my local town to buy a throw for a bed and I was bombarded with cosy Christmas throws. I don’t want it for a present, I want it for a room with a nautical theme. Why is it so hard to buy non-Christmas related items in December?
  • I hate the hype around Black Friday which seems to be pressurising me into buying things too early. On the other hand, I’ve gone into my magic trunk, where I put items I buy during the year (usually in the sales) ready for Christmas, and it’s woefully lacking in exciting (or even practical) gifts.
  • Magazines are now full of recipes for how to make incredible festive feasts, all of which make me feel totally inadequate as they’d take me the whole month to create and end up looking nothing like the picture.

But even after writing these things down I’m starting to see the other side.

  • I’ll drag the kids out to do the final Christmas shop. It’s about time they did something useful.
  • I can manage without the damn throw for a few months. By February the town will be swarming with Spring/Summer items and nautical is bound to feature.
  • I have these Christmas presents already lined up (come on, I had to get a plug in this post somehow!).

IMG_0222 IMG_0223

  • My family are coming round for Christmas and they know exactly what to expect from me, and it isn’t Nigella or Delia (unless they’ve put their name to something I can buy ready made from the supermarket).

Next week I’m going to write my Christmas cards, thus killing off any Christmas spirit I’ll have managed to cultivate. After that though, I’m putting up the tree – and Christmas can start in earnest.


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