What I learnt this week: 4th February 2016

Book news and … umm, Harrods?

Okay, okay sadly the two don’t really go together because you won’t find Kathryn Freeman in Harrods, not unless she’s ogling the chocolate displays. Still, it will be a test of my writing skills to see if I can weave these two topics together in today’s post.

Chocolate hall at Harrods
Chocolate hall at Harrods
Chocolate at Harrods - umm, one of each?
Chocolate at Harrods – umm, one of each?

So, on the book front I’m delighted to announce Search for the Truth will be coming out in paperback in July. I love my Kindle, but I love seeing a real book with my name on it even more.

Covers on floor Too Charming paperback

At the moment Search for the Truth is only 99p on Kindle. Apologies to all those kind people who’ve already bought it but if it helps at all you are the people who’ve ensured it will make it into paperback, so THANK YOU.

SEARCH FOR TRUTH_front150dpi


Also on the writing front, this week the Portobello Book Blog was kind enough to interview me about Search for the Truth (and other writerly stuff) – here’s the link if you’re wondering how else you’re going to fill the next three minutes.

And speaking of three minutes, that was about the length of time my sons endured their trip to Harrods at the weekend before declaring they were bored. Our visit to London was part of belated birthday treat for me, though in hindsight dragging them round Harrods at the end of the day wasn’t the brightest of moves on my part. They see it not as an iconic store full of luxury items with eye-watering price tags, but a larger version of Debenhams.

Harrods at night

Where did I go wrong?


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