What I learnt this week: 5th January 2017

Writing resolutions

So, here we are, five days into 2017. The drooping Christmas tree has been disposed of (underfloor heating and real trees – not a combination to be recommended), the decorations jammed back into the loft for another year.

It’s the time we look what we need to do to change our lives for the better. Then make that dreaded resolution to do just that, only to fall back into old habits before the month is out.

None of the usual resolutions really apply to me. I’m not overweight, I exercise regularly.

Proof - me after running round Dorney Lake over Christmas holidays. Taken from a distance so you can't see the pain etched on my face.
Proof – me after running round Dorney Lake over Christmas holidays. Taken from a distance so you can’t see the pain etched on my face.

I eat a relatively healthy  I don’t eat too unhealthily (a little of what you fancy does you good, right?). I drink just within the recommended guidelines, leaving two days alcohol free and sticking to a glass of wine during the week (though there are glasses….and glasses, depending on how the day has gone).


I definitely need to be more positive in my outlook, but I doubt I can change that (oops – see what I mean?). My family would say I need to nag less, but intangible resolutions are almost impossible to stick to. Besides, the family are wrong. They need to do what I say more often.

The one resolution I made and stuck to was back in 2009 when I said I would write a book.

I figure writing resolutions are the way forward for me. So here they go. In 2017 I’m going to:

  • Finish revising the first book I wrote seven years ago, and each time I cringe at a sentence I wrote then I’m going to remind myself how much better I am at writing now. That should help with the positivity.
  • Be more organised in planning my writing. I rush through that stage, all too keen to get on and write. When you have breaks in your writing though, like I do when I dive into the medical writing, you forget details that are important. What colour were his eyes? Has she admitted her feelings to him yet – or even to herself? What one earth was the name of his friend/PA/goldfish?
  • Stretch my writing by at least planning (see, these resolutions aren’t just slapped together) the book that’s in my head. It’s deeper than my usual style and I’ve held off writing it because I’m not sure if I can.
  • Believe in myself more. Linking to point 3 (wow, I’m good at this resolution lark) I’m going to push myself. I can become a good writer. I can make a career out of writing romance, rather it being the exciting thing I do in-between my medical writing. I might not succeed (note, that’s not negative, it’s realistic) but I’m damn well going to give it my best shot.

How’s that for positivity?

And you, dear reader, will be able to see if it works…



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