What I learnt this week: 8th June 2017

What do you do when you’ve pressed submit?

Last week I finished the Christmas story I’ve been writing. Had this been a film I’d have expected fireworks to explode, champagne bottles to pop. At the very least some rousing music. But it was real life, so I pressed submit on my publishers on-line form, breathed a sigh of relief. And went to make a cup of tea.

As I slurped (I’m alone in the house, I can drink how I like) the tea, I sat back in my chair and thought…what the hell do I do now?

What do you do when the thing you’ve been working on for the last four months. The thing that’s taken up all your time, your focus. That thing, is done.

The most obvious answer, is write another book. It’s the right answer, too. Each new book provides not just an opportunity for new sales from existing readers, but for new readers. And of course that film deal you’re secretly hoping for. Just as you’re also hoping to win the lottery. What is more certain, is that writing the next book will make you a better writer.

Before I start to work on the book that’s in my head though, I need to support the books already in my ‘pipeline’. Specifically those about to burst (I can always hope) from it and onto the market. August will see the paperback publication of Before You, Aiden Foster’s story (my racing car driver, inspired by you know who).

Before YouIMG_1274

Also in August will be the ebook publication of my latest book, Too Nice? (provisional title), featuring accountant Nick Templeton and the stunning supermodel Lizzie Donavue.

So my writing to-do list at the moment includes:

  • Short story for a magazine to support paperback publication of Before You (tick!).
  • 2 x short stories for my publisher that will go out on email around publication day to build awareness of the books.
  • Blog posts to promote Before You.
  • Blog posts to promote Too Nice.
  • Market positioning document for Too Nice, to help the development of the cover and the back-page blurb.
  • Write second part of round robin story (each part written by a different Choc Lit author) to celebrate publishers 8th birthday.

I tell you this not so you will feel sorry for me – I’m doing what I love, what I’ve always dreamt of doing, even I wouldn’t waste any sympathy on me. No, I’m telling you so you can see that writing books isn’t all about writing a book. If you get my drift.

But when I’ve gone through this list, I will write another book. Once I’ve had another cup of tea.






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