What I learnt this week: 9th May 2019

Excitement in the Freeman house

Well, perhaps I should say in the Freeman study, because the only one getting excited on Tuesday, was me. For my husband it was another work day, for my sons – away at university – the day slipped by unnoticed. Publication of my first paperback book, Do Opposites Attract, they were all vaguely interested in. Publication of the 8th? Tumbleweed.

It didn’t matter though, because in my study, there was a celebration going on. Well, it felt like one, with all the good wishes being sent my way through social media. I gorged virtual cakes, swigged back bottles of virtual champagne and partied my way through the day.

And this was the reason – publication of Oh Crumbs in paperback, and in audio CD’s (available here and to order from all good book stores ?).

And because it was my party, and I could do what I wanted, I stacked all my paperbacks together and took a proud photo.

It seems like only yesterday when, heart pounding wildly, I clutched a copy of the first, Do Opposites Attract. Eight books on, the heart does more of a quiet jig, but the joy, and the pride, is the same.

As is the desire to add to the pile ?








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