What I Learnt this Week: Thursday 19th January

January blues

I’m not going to lie, right now I wish I was here.

Hawaii beach

Or here

boats near beach

Or here

2012 Antigua 042

I think you get the picture (well, I have provided three: Hawaii, Thailand, Antigua)

But I’m stuck with taking my holidays around the school calendar which means I can’t really go to these places until the summer, when actually the thought of sitting in my back garden is quite appealing.

I want to be on one of those beaches now.

I’m fed up with rain. Fed up with defrosting the car, not being able to run outside without fear of slipping on the frost. Putting on fleeces. Wearing socks and slippers.

At the moment I’m wishing my life away because I’m aching for spring. For some warmth.

But that’s crazy, because there is so much to appreciate in living in a climate like England. Crisp winter sunshine is actually glorious, if you’re wrapped up warm enough (see suggested hat below. The kids wouldn’t be seen with with me, but my husband bravely cycled next to me).

Me with bobble hat

And I’m not sure you can fully appreciate the summer if you haven’t toiled through the gales of autumn, the cold of winter and the floods of spring. As a reminder of how exciting the weather in this country can be during these seasons, here’s our village green in all three of these seasons.  All photos were taken from approximately the same place, though not all in the same year. Thank goodness. The middle photo was taken two days ago.

Tree upended Wraysbury green. smallJPGWraysbury green in mistCricket underwater small

Still, though I’m trying not to wish the next two months away, I can’t deny I am looking forward to seeing the green looking like this.

Wraysbury cricket summerWraysbury cricket ground bench


And though that means I’ll be a cricket widow again, at least I’ll feel the sun on my face. Until the rain comes, obviously.

That’s when I’ll be wishing I was on one of those beaches…




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