What I learnt this week: Thursday 29th June

A new book – the same old excitement

There is definitely something very special about seeing your name on a book cover for the very first time. Just like a first love is hard to forget, so is a first book cover. Mine was this one:

DOA_hiresfront copy


But the anticipation of the next cover, the thrill of seeing your name on a new design, with a new title – that’s very special, too. Last week I was sent some cover options for my next book, Too Damn Nice (out 1st August). And still my heart jumped into my throat when I saw the images. You see it’s only when I see my name on that cover, that I start to believe this is really going to happen. I’m going to have another book out. I know I’ve spent months editing it, but that’s all on a word document so it never looks like a book. Until the moment I see the cover.

So what can I tell you about it? Well…the final one hasn’t been chosen yet, but I’m excited to have a new look. It’s illustrative this time – very different to any of the covers I’ve had before. Oh and I think the title might be in pink, which is a real plus for this girl. It means I can design some pretty pink social media banners to go with it. I can see it now…

pink-roses-2249403__340 spain-1858600__340 flamborough-2444587__340

Maybe even this fella.


Okay, it is only my name in pink, so I might be getting a little carried away here. Especially as I’m not sure my creative talents are up to blending flamingoes with…no, no, I’m not going to say. But the majority of the book is set in the English countryside. Not a zoo.

So, watch this space. I hope to post the cover for Too Damn Nice on this blog over the next two weeks.

I think it’s fair to say I’m tickled pink to have a new book out soon (no groaning, please. You know I’ve made worse jokes than that).







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